April 6, 2017

Voice Calls

Send Promotional Voice Calls

Send Bulk Voice Campaigns across India

Voice CallsIntroducing Balaji Technical Solutions Unique  Voice call services in chennai with low cost, now with our innovative feature your call reaches the customers with a random landline number as Caller ID, so people answer the call thinking its a personal call, resulting in higher conversions.This gives 50% more conversions than regular voice call service originating from “1400” numbers, which people generally know that its a promo Call. The landline based dialler doesn’t come with Web panel. For more details on this, contact +91-7299912817


We also provide Unique  Voice call services in Tamil nadu with low cost normal “1400” caller based voice service with full API functionality, see below for pricing.

Plan Caller ID Validity Price/30 Sec Total Price
10,000 Voice Calls 1400xxxxxxx 1 Year 50 Ps Rs.5000
10,000 Voice Calls Random LL No 1 Year 45Ps Rs.4,500
1L Voice Calls Random LL No 1 Year 38Ps Rs.38,000

Voice Call Features:

  1. Ideal For: Election Campaigns & real estate promotions, can also be used for any other promotional purposes.
  2. Highest Capacity: 5L Voice Calls per hour
  3. Voice Calls reaches DND numbers, usefull for schools & colleges.
  4. Credits Deducted only for Attended Calls, saving lot of your money.
  5. 3(or custom) Redial Attempts if not picked.
  6. Supports .mp3/.wav/.amr File Formats.
  7. 100% Guaranteed Delivery in 5-10 seconds, 30 Sec Pulse
  8. Timing: 9Am – 9Pm on promotional Route
  9. Powerful HTTP API for seamless integration